Everything is wireless these days: computers, cellphones and internet connections. So why should home security systems be any different? Even though there was concern about the reliability of wireless home security systems when they first came out, wireless home security systems are just as reliable as hardwired systems. Though owners must replace the batteries in their wireless system periodically, the reliability of the wireless system is not affected if this is done regularly. Further, though initially there was some contention regarding electromagnetic interference of the signals that pass between the window and door sensors, the control pad, and the dispatch center in a wireless system, this is no longer a concern in most locations. As always, it is a good idea to have a professional, install your home security system to ensure the most reliable protection for your home or business.
An additional advantage of choosing an a wireless home security system is the fact that they are way easier to install than hardwired systems. Before home security systems went wireless, installing a security system in a building whose construction was already completed, meant drilling several holes in the walls throughout the structure. Wires had to be run from each door and window sensor to the main control panel, which had to be connected to your home’s electricity source. Though wireless home security systems, still require one hole to be drilled in order to connect the device to a power supply, the labor required to do so and the damage to your drywall is minimal compared to installing a hardwired system.