Home Security Systems no longer need to be connected to a landline. Intruders often cut the landline before entering a home which will disable the home security system. If the phone lines in your area are damaged, it can prevent your monitored home security system from reporting an emergency. If you are using internet phone service or VOIP, an internet outage or a simple power outage will disable your home telephone. A wireless home security system installed with cellular monitoring capability provides both a practical and useful solution to these problems.
How It Works:
Cellular Monitoring works a bit differently from traditional security monitoring. The home security system usually comes with a cellular GSM Radio which is installed directly into the system’s control panel. With cellular monitoring signals are sent over a 2-way cellular network rather than traditional phone lines eliminating the chance of an intruder cutting your phone line and disabling your home security system.
When the system detects an intrusion, one of two things may happen:
If the system is designed to work as a backup to an existing landline phone, it will first check for a landline dial tone. If no dial tone is present, the system will use a wireless cellular signal to reach the monitoring station.
If the system is designed to work as a replacement for a landline monitored home security system, it will immediately use the cellular line to send an alert to the monitoring station.