Homeowners have become more sensitive to resale value in recent years, as the housing market has struggled. Some may wonder if a home security system will affect their home’s resale value. The answer is often yes. Here are five ways it can do just that…
1. Easier Security System Setup for the Buyer
The popularity of home security systems has steadily increased over the years, and many people prefer to buy a home that already has a home security system in place. If a home buyer has a home security system in his or her previous home, it will be easier to get the new home’s security system up and running. In fact, some providers of home security systems offer discounts for those moving to new homes and may offer to port the service to the new address for free. For these reasons, buyers like knowing a home security system is already in place in homes they consider.
2. Savings on Homeowners Insurance
If installation of your home security system resulted in a reduction in homeowners insurance premiums, your buyer can probably obtain a similar discount, and this can sway a buyer in your favor. Given the choice of two very similar houses—one with a home security system (and possible insurance discounts it confers) and one without—many buyers will choose the house with the home security system. Not only will they be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a home security system, they may save substantially on their insurance premiums.
3. Home Automation and Energy Management Features
Many of the latest home security systems come with integrated home features, such as automatic thermostat controls, lighting controls and even remote control of home appliances. Not only are these homes more secure, they are more energy-efficient, and when a buyer knows there are savings to be had on utility bills (in addition to possible homeowners insurance premium discounts), he or she is much more likely to make an offer.
4. Emergency Sensors Can Help Avert Disaster
Today, you can install home security systems with add-ons that can detect flooding from appliances that malfunction, gas leaks, basement flooding, roof leaks and low temperatures. These are all situations in which acting quickly is important, and by alerting homeowners to hazards they can help prevent very costly home repairs. Any home buyer who has woken up to burst pipe will appreciate such a system.
5. Adjunct Security Measures
Finally, the additional security measures that the conscientious homeowner makes when installing a home security system also help boost home value. For example, motion-sensor lighting over the driveway and over the pathway to the front door is a terrific convenience, as well as being a deterrent to nighttime intruders. Keeping vegetation trimmed back near doors, porches, and downstairs windows not only helps deny a burglar a good hiding place, it also improves a home’s curb appeal. And when all doors and windows have high-quality locks, potential buyers know they’re buying a home in which safety and security have been taken seriously.