Home invasions are a very real threat. In contrast to a burglary, where the aim is to break into an unoccupied home and steal jewelry, electronics and other valuables, home invaders tend to enter the house when the residents are home, and they attempt to gain access to valuable information such as PIN or Social Security Numbers through the use of violence and threats. While this certainly is a scary and dangerous situation, there are some steps you can take to help prevent a home invasion.
1. Install Strong Doors and Locks.
Replacing weak locks with dead-bolts is a great start to defending your home from invasion. For added protection, consider installing steel-framed doors at every entry point. The combination of the two will make it very difficult for an invader to break down or bust through a door.
2. Install a Video Intercom System.
Many home invasions begin with the intruder posing as a sales or delivery person who’s just waiting for you to unlock the door – even for a second – so that they can force their way in. So, before you unlock your door for someone, make sure to look through the video intercom system to see who’s there, you can also speak to the person through the intercom without opening the door. Be wary if you don’t know the person you see outside. If you are skeptical, ask for identification, as it’s always better to play it safe.
3. Install a Home Security System.
A home security system is one of the best defenses against home invasion. Not only does it tend to scare most burglars off, but home security systems with alert buttons can notify the authorities when your family is being threatened by home invaders. As with locks, make sure you get in the habit of setting it each and every time you leave your home. It’s also recommended that you arm the door and widow sensors when you are at home especially when you go to bed.
By following these three fairly simple suggestions, you can keep your family safe and decrease your chance of an invasion occurring at your home.